When it comes to effective video marketing, creating great content is only half the battle. Even the most well made videos won’t make the impact they could if they aren’t marketed in the right places and to the right people. That’s where our partnership with our friends at Zinc Digital comes in. Zinc Digital are a Digital Agency based in Northampton. They’ve worked with hundreds of organisations to create marketing and creative campaigns that get businesses noticed. The Zinc team will be able to work together with us to drive the right traffic to your video, boosting visibility and achieving the best returns for your marketing spend through an intelligent approach. This is achieved via three key strategies.

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Once your video is launched, the first priority is ensuring that it’s seen by the right people. You will already have a good idea of your audience from your strategy, so your marketing team will create a plan that can target them in the places they spend time online. This involves several steps; placing it on video hosting sites such as YouTube, social media outlets such as Facebook or LinkedIn, and influential news and blog locations. This is a tactic known as Video Seeding, and can use a multitude of difference placements to get your video as much traction as possible.


As a part of your video distribution plan, we’ll implement a paid video advertising campaign. This helps to push the videos forward to the right people in a way that’s fast and effective. This can be on YouTube, Social Media, and a number of other outlets that will be chosen based on your target market. This method is especially important if your brand doesn’t already have an active and engaged online following - it’s a way to make sure that your target audience can see the content, even if they haven’t heard of you before. Paid video advertising can provide you with a unique amount of analytics and understanding of the way your videos are performing online.

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Having a video on your website can have a great effect on your search engine rankings, but only if it’s done in the right way. Zinc has SEO experts that will make sure that your video content is optimised fully. They’ll take care of the metadata, ensuring that the titles, descriptions and tags are all working together and using the right keywords. There’s further optimisation to be done on YouTube that will make sure that your video will be found easily in search, both on Google and YouTube itself.

By combining these methods, your video will have the power of intelligent marketing behind it. You’ll be able to see your video reach an audience that you could never have achieved without a bespoke video marketing solution.

The insights Zinc will gain from this approach provides you with invaluable information about how you should be marketing your business going forwards. You will be able to target your customers more precisely, and create content that you know they will love.

Once you know whether your videos are being watched in full, shared on certain platforms, or rewatched in certain places, you’ll have the information you need to refine, re-edit and re-publish the content you make with The Video Marketing Team.

Your video should get the attention it deserves. Bring in the Video Marketing experts to make sure that you always make an impact.

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