The Video Marketing Team have over 20 years of experience creating high-quality videos that help get brands noticed. We use the best tools available to film in 4K Ultra High Definition, giving a stylish, contemporary feel to every product we make.

We create videos with the human touch

Videos that have high production quality are important, but what is truly valuable is having a video that can portray the personality of your business. We want to get to know your organisation and find what sets it apart from the rest. When you have a video made with empathy and character, you’re able to connect with your consumer in a brand new way.

Our process starts with you. We’ll meet and have a coffee whilst our team gain an understanding of your business; your needs and objectives, your values, and your story. Then we’ll plan how to put those key components on screen. Once you’re happy, we’ll film, edit and optimise the video, to present you with a final product that you’re really proud of.

The Video Marketing Team are experts in every stage of Video Production, from storyboards and scripts to editing


Spread the message about your company, product or cause with a beautifully made promotional video. This kind of content is made to be shared and talked about, so we’ll make sure it’s social media friendly, with a clear goal to drive site traffic and educate the viewers about your brand and what you do. We’ll help you create the buzz you’re looking for by combining our great quality video production skills with an expert marketing strategy to make sure that your video reaches the screens of your target market.


Whether you’re hoping to educate your workforce or explain to your customers, a video is the perfect way to share information in an easily understandable, memorable way. Using a video will increase your audience’s information retention by 60%, enabling you to train them more effectively. We’ll work with you to understand your audience fully, tailoring the video to their needs to ensure that the information is always clear and comprehensive.


For those with products that are complex or new to the market, the best way to demonstrate it is to use a video. Not only can you show your product at every angle and ensure every feature is displayed, but your viewers can stop, rewind and replay anything that they’d like to see again. We’ll make sure that your products are always in high-definition, beautifully presented and looking their very best.


Establish yourself as an authority in your field with a dynamic thought leadership video. Whether you’re hoping to comment on industry news, share your expertise as a specialist or introduce a revolutionary new idea to your sector, a video is the perfect way to do it. You’ll be able to plan and deliver your message in a way that can’t be done with any other medium. Within video content, you can include presentation materials and graphics to support your points, ensuring that you portray yourself as a leading professional in your industry.


For a truly unique take on any message, animation is the perfect choice. It’s a form that can be adapted to suit most types of video, as by nature the bright colours and clear communication will ensure that your video is memorable. Animation is appreciated and understood by a wide range of audiences, and is therefore an incredibly versatile medium. You’re no longer restricted by location or filming capability - with animation, you can take your audience anywhere and show them anything.


Companies of every size need a way to connect and converse with their audience. Your company needs to be able to express its true personality and drive in its communication. This can help forge a bond that’s hard to achieve with simple text. It takes the skill, creativity and passion that only a video marketing specialist can offer.


There are few marketing strategies that make as much of an impact as Testimonials. Your customers are always looking for confirmation that you’re the right choice, and testimonials from others are one of the most effective ways to convince them. With a video, it’s even more effective. Potential leads will be able to see and hear the testimonial for themselves, knowing that it’s genuine. What better way to show the high levels of service you provide than by showing how impressed your customers are, face to face.

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