Including a well-made video on your site can have a significant effect on your user experience, search engine rankings and conversion rate, but to truly get results, you’ll need a strategy.

A successful video requires planning from the first meeting, and on an ongoing basis from launch. We use a long term, sustained approach to your video to ensure a campaign that will get you the results you need.

When planning your strategy, we’ll speak to you to understand your business and the possibilities you have from your video content. We’ll then build you a plan based on our three step process…

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The first, and arguably the most important, part of a video marketing strategy is to understand exactly who you are marketing to. Many sectors and industries have used video to great effect, including healthcare, financial services and the education sector, and each has a specific set of people who they hope will benefit from their video content. Knowledge is key here. We’ll come to you first and ask for the insights you’ve gained in your industry to help guide us towards narrowing down a target audience. We’ll then conduct our own research to see what’s already being done in your field, so that we can see what works and what we could improve on.


When considering your content strategy, you first need to decide what you want to achieve from your video marketing content. The action you hope your viewer to take will influence how you present the information to them. There are three primary goals from video content:


with stories and personalities an audience can relate to


with key information on your products and services


with content that’s interesting and shareable

This end goal then affects everything from whether we choose animation or live action to the length of your video. Everything is tailored towards achieving the results you need.

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Once your video has been created, the need for strategy only increases. The internet is a competitive place for video content, and without the right video marketing strategy it won’t be able to reach the people who need to see it. Our marketing experts will create a plan that covers everything from when and where your video will be launched to the way we drive traffic to it. We’ll be able to monitor the performance and refine the way your video converts its viewers as we learn how it’s received.